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Using Props For Photo Sessions

Sometimes I use family heirlooms as props In one of my particular portrait sessions, I used a shortwave radio. It once belonged to my brother Alex. As a kid, he would spend countless hours trying to listen to broadcasts from all over the world. My sister, his friends and I would gather around this big…
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A Story Behind Every Photo

I always tell people there is story behind every one of my photos. I'd like to share a couple with you. This is my friend Kim who has had several photo sessions with me. She is quite the character. Kim has a room full of costumes and antiques and loves having me take her photograph.…
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The Truth behind a Good Photo

So what’s the story behind a good photograph?   Is it just as simple as buying a decent camera and clicking away? Why are there so many photographers anyway? Why are some photographers so expensive? The truth is­­­­ there is a lot more to it than just pressing the shutter. If you set your camera…
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