Engagement Session – Desiree and Jacob

I want to tell you about a recent photo session I did with Desiree and Jacob.

We found the perfect spot on Martin Road in Blezard Valley. We stopped at Langdon Park. It’s a nice little park tucked away. It’s not too big. It’s about a ten minute walk on the trail to get to the main park area. We walked along the beautiful trail stopping to take a few photos.


Engagement Session 3Engagement Session 4Engagement Session 5
We then moved our way towards the road where the bridge crosses over Whitson River.
It was a beautiful day.  There was about thirty minutes left until sundown.
Across the street was a farmers’ field with tall yellow grass. It was the perfect backdrop.
I took photos of the two of them lying in the grass. The expression on their faces made it clear as to how much in love they were.
As the sun began to set, I decided to make it part of the photos. This made everything even more romantic. The sun gave everything a beautiful orange glow.

Engagement Session 6
The couple colour coordinated their wardrobe with solid colours and no bold or bright patterns. Keeping your wardrobe simple is key to having a successful photo session.
The fall is a great time to have outdoor sessions. Things are dying and leaves are changing colour.

Engagement Session 7
We may have a few weeks left of nice weather for outdoor photography before all the leaves fall off the trees.
Don’t wait too long to book your session. Now is the time.

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