Learning Initiative 20th Anniversary

I attended the Learning Initiative 20th Anniversary celebration last Thursday

It was held at the Caruso Club.

The learning institution offers people the opportunity to acquire self-employment skills.

It is located in the down town core on Cedar Street, beside the City Transit station.

Some of the the skills taught include bookkeeping, marketing, sales and creating a business plan.

I myself graduated from this institution in March of this year.

Marg Grad

I can honestly say how much I've grown as a person since entering their doors.

I've learned a great deal and have made many new friends-all thanks to Learning Initiative.

There is a sense of kinship among the staff and alumni.

I was the designated photographer for the evening.

Other alumni who attended were Dave Rollins who provided his Blitzy Booth for guests to have fun with. Sean Lamothe, owner of L-X Media video taped the event.


Dave Rollins



Sean Lamothe

The evening was well attended.


I walked around and took photos of everyone who was chatting it up at their tables.


Everyone enjoyed catching up with each other before the delicious buffet dinner.

Speeches began after dinner. Anne Cooper, who created the Learning Institution spoke about her colleagues and students she has taught over the years.


Anne Cooper

Many past alumni have become teachers. Each one described their experience as students and eventually as teachers.

There were many tears and hugs.


L.I. alumni received celebratory pins throughout the evening.


Many past students are still in business today.

Everyone had fun dressing up for the photo booth.


Even me.


People were having a wild and crazy time.

It was a blast.

The night ended with some dancing and music by DJ Ritchie Rich.

Learning Initiative continues to grow and provide excellent programs to many.

Check out their website at www.learninginitiative.ca

To check out more photos go to my Facebook page Marg Seregelyi Photography.

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