My Day Trip To Killarney

Last Saturday I went to Killarney with my daughter Jade and her friends

The day was perfect for a drive.

It takes about an hour and a half to get to Killarney from Sudbury.

It's a small quaint tourist community of about 500.

My favourite time to go is in the spring. That's when a lot of wildlife comes out of the bush and cross the road.

We headed towards the lighthouse. We didn't actually go right to it this time.

This scene is directly across from the beach area.

Killarney 3.jpg infrared 2.jpg web

There are lots of lillypads which I imagine would lots of frogs. I had fun using some photoshop techniques on the photo.

Everyone stopped at the beach area.

Killarney 1.jpg cropped.jpg web

Most of it is smooth rock.

Killarney 17.jpg web

Some of the kids went for a swim.

Killarney 5.jpg web

I had a little visitor while I was relaxing on the rocks.

Killarney 23.jpg web

He came pretty close to me hoping to get some crumbs I dropped from my lunch. I took this photo with my wide angle lens.

He hung out for a while. He went off for a swim and than made his way back to me couple of more times.

Killarney 12.jpg web

We all decided to into the town to use the washrooms and get a bite to eat.

Killarney 25-3.jpg web

The fish and chips here are to die for.

I went for a little walk with my camera.

This place is a photographer's heaven.

I walked along the docks and took a few photos.

I had some more fun using photoshop with this image.

Killarney 29.jpg web

You can buy ice cream and all kinds of goodies in here.

Killarney 35.jpg web

This is St. Bonaventure Church located in the middle of town.

Killarney 38.jpg web

Here is another angle.

Killarney 42.jpg web

Simple things like windows with flower boxes makes a nice photo.

Killarney 44.jpg cropped.jpg web

There are many hiking trails, lots of camps and fishing in Killarney.

There is a beautiful beach before going into the town.

That will be one of my stops the next time I visit.

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