Photographing In Cemeteries

One of my favourite places to photograph is cemeteries.

There is a lot of history.  All you have to do is read the head stones. I try to imagine what times were like way back when.

Sudbury has some interesting cemeteries.

The small quaint cemetery adjoining the church Église de Notre-Dame-du-Rosaire in Blezard Valley is probably one of the oldest ones in Valley East. It dates back to the early 1900s.

Photographing In Cemeteries Blezard Valley

Some of the headstones are so old you can’t even read the inscription on them.

The Finnish Cemetery on Long Lake Road is an absolutely beautiful cemetery. Out of the way and well hidden, it has lots of trees surrounding it.

Photographing In Cemeteries Finnish Cemetery

I photographed Medium Jay Lane here. She uses her photos to promote her spiritual medium service.

Photographing In Cemeteries Finnish Cemetery Medium Jay Lane

There is an old cemetery in Garson hidden away in the bush. It wasn’t accessible by vehicle. There were only a few headstones but it made an interesting place for a photo session. There were lots of over grown trees. It was perfect.

Photographing In Cemeteries GarsonAnother cemetery I truly love is in my hometown of Grimsby, Ontario. St. Andrews Cemetery dates back to the early 1800s when the Church was built. Many Loyalist families from the township were buried there.

There is a story behind every headstone. Some are crumbling, others are moss covered. Amazingly, some of the ones dating back to the 1800s are still readable.

Photographing In Cemeteries St. Andrews Grimsby 1

The trees  are huge with very wide trunks. I took a photo of this tombstone growing out of this massive tree trunk. An infant was buried here in the 1800s probably when the tree was quite young. I added a textured overlay to create mood and give it an aged look.I took this photo of this large tree and added an overlay of music sheets. Gravestones of soldiers of wars gone by are buried alongside it.

Photographing In Cemeteries St. Andrews Grimsby 2

Lundy’s Lane Cemetery in Niagara Falls is one I love to photograph. It has quite the reputation as a haunted cemetery. Visitors have claimed to see apparitions of soldiers who served in the war of 1812. Many of them were buried there.

Photographing In Cemeteries Lundys Lane 2



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