Preparing For Your Photo Session

There are several things you can do to prepare for your session.


One of the first things you will want to think about is wardrobe. Whether it’s for a family or couple session, you will want to be colour co-ordinated.

Solid colours work best. Clothing with stripes or prominent bold patterns will be distracting in a photograph.

Preparing For Your Photo Session 1

If you choose casual, plain shirts and jeans are a good choice. This is especially good for outdoor portraiture.

The same rule applies to children’s portraits. We can get really creative with children. There are many cute outfits available for kids.

If you choose a more themed session, clothing should be well thought out. If you need to go shopping for your children’s outfits, make sure you have ample time to do so prior to their portrait session.


I don’t have a portrait studio so I always shoot on location. This should be very well thought out.

There are many excellent spots in Sudbury for portrait locations.

Local parks and beaches usually provide a wonderful backdrop. Trails and Conservation areas are great places too.

Preparing For Your Photo Session 4

You can bring the dog, go for a walk and have a few laughs together. I like to take both posed and actions shots.

If you don’t like to travel too far from home, perhaps there is a park on your street or a nice dead end road with rocks and trees. Maybe your neighbour has an old barn. Perhaps you have a gorgeous yard or front porch. These are just a few ideas.

Maybe you have a beautiful fireplace inside your home you would like to be photographed in front of. This gives your photos a more personal touch.

What about weather? Is it too cold to be photographed outside in the winter?

Not necessarily.

Dress up in your winter coats or really nice thick sweaters. Put your mitts on. Have a snowball fight, go tobogganing, build a snowman or make snow angels. Anything goes.


Preparing For Your Photo Session 3

Do your kids have a favourite toy? Bring it along. A favourite toy or stuffy is good to have on hand. Perhaps Fido has a Frisbee or a favourite toy.

Maybe you’ve decided to have a vintage photograph taken. Perhaps you have a family heirloom like a piece of jewellery or an old radio you would like to be photographed with.




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