Shooting on Location

I love shooting on location.

This is where I get really creative.
I have photographed people in abandoned buildings, beaches, farmers’ fields, the underpass, cemeteries, Onaping Falls, the Grotto, in homes using natural light even outside in the snow.
Every photo session is different.

Location Shooting 2
This is what makes my job fun. Each session is a new adventure for me. There are many uncharted places I have yet to shoot in.

Location Shooting 3
Almost anything goes when it comes to shooting on location. There is always some little nook or cranny you can find that makes an interesting backdrop. Anything old or abandoned will have the most beautiful, rustic looking wood. Barns are one of my favourite buildings to photograph people in front of.
There are a lot of interesting places around Sudbury. You just have to know where to look. Sometimes you can find them while walking along a trail or going for a nice long drive out in the country.

Location Shooting 4

Location Shooting 5
Local parks and beaches provide multiple locations within a location. Some popular spots are Bell Park, Kalmo Beach in Val Caron, Langdon Park in Blezard Valley. I have found some subdivisions have their own little parks tucked away within the neighbourhood.
Trees, vines and flower gardens all make great creative props to enhance your photographic experience.
Killarney is a good example of a wonderful place to be photographed. The lighthouse, lake, rocks, old boats and buildings all make interesting backdrops. Not to mention all of the beautiful trails and beaches.

Location Shooting 6
The next time you’re out and about, look around you, that perfect place to have your portrait taken may be right in front of you.

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