Angel Photo Sessions

I love photographing Angels

If you’re looking for something different you may want to consider booking an Angel session with me.

I love these portrait sessions because the photographs are so ethereal. This is quite different than a traditional portrait.

I don’t only photograph children with wings, women also love it.

This type of photography was very popular during the turn of the century. Many old postcards have models posed as angels. Portraiture with costumes during that time period was very popular.

Angel Sessions 2

I love any type of vintage photography and antiques. This makes photo sessions both fun and challenging for me. I get excited when I see the images in the back of my camera. I get even more excited when I begin working on the images on my computer.

Angel Sessions 5

I add my own personal touch to each photograph. It could be a new set of wings I’ve purchased, a new location I have discovered or a texture or photograph I have creatively added.

Angel Sessions 1

Sometimes I have a pretty good idea of how I will shoot the session or how I will edit them before I am on location. Other times, I have an idea but come up with different ones once I arrive at the destination with my clients.

I have purchased an assortment of angel and fairy wings over the last few years. This is not an easy task as they are only available in stores during Halloween season.

Marg Seregelyi angels

I get excited during this time of year. I check out different stores for any type of fairy or angel costumes or accessories. I love a good bargain so I tend to check out the stores after Halloween for the big sales.

I use anything from fabric, sheets, to vintage clothing. The location of the photo session is as unique as the clothing.

Angel Sessions 4

You can find my Angel photographs at,  and Pinterest.





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