Celebrating Mom on Mother’s Day

I'd like to share some special moments with you

We all have special memories of our moms that we treasure.

My mom has been gone for seven years now. I didn't have the opportunity to spend much time with her because we lived several hours away from each other. However, I do have many great memories of growing up with mom.

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Mom is holding me (I'm the youngest) with my sister and brother

Her name was Helen.

She came to Canada from Hungary in 1956 at the tender age of 13 with her mom during the revolution.

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My mom on the left with her mom in 1956

She married my dad when she was 17. He also came to Canada during revolution in 1956.

There was always Hungarian and broken English spoken in our home.

My mom was somewhat of a character. (Now you know where I get it from).

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She had a crazy sense of humour.

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Don't ask

When I was little, she made the best peanut butter cookies in the neighbourhood.

My dad worked in a factory and brought home peanut butter by the case so there was an endless supply.

My friends would always stop in and ask me if she made peanut butter cookies. Most of the time my mom would just make a batch because we all begged her to.

Going to beach was fun. We always went on a Sunday when my dad could come with us.

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Mom always packed a big picnic lunch. There were tomatoes, green peppers, home made fried chicken, kielbasa and bread.

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She would lay a blanket down and we would make a little fire and roast hot dogs and marshmallows.


I loved walking along the beach with her at Lake Ontario picking shells and colourful glass that had been smoothed out by the waves.

Mom loved to pick wild flowers. Her favourites were lily of the valley and purple violets.

She would spend hours picking flowers in the forest. Lunch, water and lots of mosquito repellent were things she always brought along with her.

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She would come home with dozens of small bouquets of these wildflowers all neatly tied with thread. Every bouquet was placed carefully in a small glass filled with water. She placed one in every room of the house. It smelled beautiful.

Every neighbour and friend who dropped by for a visit received a bouquet. Even my friends all brought one home.

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She was a very talented woman who taught my sister and I how to knit, crochet, needlepoint and sew.

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Mom didn't drive.

This created some challenges.

We lived six miles from the closest store so my dad insisted she learn how to drive. She tried but failed miserably at it.

Three driving instructors later, my dad bought her a bike.

My brother, sister, my dad and I cheered her on as we encouraged and showed her how to ride that bike.

After continuous attempts, several landings in the ditch and pavement, along with a body full of bruises, she gave up.


I was better at riding a bike than my mom.

She decided to take up hitchhiking. There is more to this story but you will just have to stay tuned for a future blog about that one.

Mom appreciated photography. She took photos of absolutely anything and everything and everyone doing everything with her little camera that took square photos. (Now you know where I get it from).

She made a point to have her photo professionally taken every so often. She gave everyone in the family and all of her friends a portrait of herself.

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That is something we don't think about as moms. We may not think this is something important but our children do. A portrait is something that helps us to remember how beautiful our moms are. It's something for us to remember them by.

I would like everyone out there to share a favourite memory of your mom or mother figure in your life. You can do this here on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MargSeregelyiPhotography?ref=hl

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If your mom is still in your life, it would be wonderful she would join in the portrait session.

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