Enhance Your Music Career With Photographs

There are many musicians out there trying to make a name for themselves in the music industry.

Many are young and trying to figure out who they are while trying to following their dreams. The ones who are serious about their career work long hours honing their craft. They invest their money in expensive equipment.

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Creative artists don’t always think of hiring a professional photographer to take their photos. Sure, they may save a few dollars by taking their own photographs or having a friend “who has a nice camera” take them.

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But does this really save you money? Not necessarily.
Maybe you are a musician who is reading this. Do you have photos that wow your viewer?
By investing in a professional, the photographer creates photos to enhance your website and social media sites.

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My friend Dawn Kippax who owns Orpheus Music Management in Sudbury, is always asking her clients for good photos so she can promote them.
A good, creative and interesting photograph that has some punch draws people’s attention. With all kinds of stuff out there now on the internet, people have less patience to look at everything. They tend to just scroll past it unless it catches their eye.
I take great care as to how you want to be photographed as a musician. A good photo is important to have for your album cover.

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When you have eye catching, professional looking photographs on your website, people perceive you as being successful.
When I shoot, I use different angles and shooting locations. You can set yourself apart from everyone else by being photographed in a unique place.
I can add different techniques and overlays to your photographs to give it a modern or retro look.

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The photo possibilities are endless.
Book your session with me today.

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