Have Your Portrait Resemble A Painting

I have recently begun using a new technique

It creates an oil painting look.

I used this effect on several different portraits.

This effect gives your already creatively designed portraits an extra special touch.

Painted 13 web

Why not have a portrait of yourself or children looking like someone painted them displayed on a large canvas on the wall of your home?

Painted 7 web

Have your portraits noticed by friends and family members. These portraits are a great conversation piece.

Everyone would be in awe of how beautiful your portraits are.

This is a wonderful family heirloom to have in your home.

This look gives pizzazz to even the simplest of portraits.

Painted 1 web

I like the swirls in the grass and the girl's curly hair in this portrait.

Painted 5 web

This works just as well for portraits of men as it does for women and children.

Painted 3 web

This look works well for pet portraits too.

Painted 12 web

I find the technique on the cat portrait is both subtle and effective. He looks very elegant.

I also use this technique on my fine art photographs.

This little church is actually a shed.

Painted 10 web

This photo was taken at Spencer Smith Park in Burlington, Ontario. I love how the sky and chain links have a swirly design to it.

Painted 6 web

The technique works well for these horses grazing in a field.

Painted 8 web

It gives it an ethereal look.

The flowers in these photographs look very swirly using this technique.

Painted 11 web Painted 9 web

One of my favourite photos I have used this technique on is this photograph of fireworks at Science North on Canada Day.

Painted 2 web

The technique pulls out the brightly coloured reds and blues.

These prints are not available anywhere else. Purchasing any of these will give your home or office something the masses don't have.

I offer these fine art photographs in gallery wrapped canvas in just about any size. Prints can come in a variety of finishes such as lustre, metallic or giclee.

My art photographs are also available as fine art greeting cards.

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