How I Create Fine Art Photographs

You don't need to spend a lot of money on lighting to create fine art photographs.

I try to keep my budget at a minimum. Sometimes I don't spend any money at all. It's the time I take creating the photo and then turning it into art in post production.

When I see an item that catches my eye, I visualize what it could look like in a photograph, as a greeting card or an art piece that will be displayed in your home or office.

My favourite way of displaying my artwork in on a gallery wrap canvas with a two inch edge.

I create some of my fine art pieces right on my back porch.

Jewelry shoot.jpg web

There are lots of windows and it's usually quite bright. When it's overcast, the lighting is flat and even. It's perfect. I sometimes use some white reflectors to fill in the shadows if it's a gloomy day.

When the sun is shining very bright I pick a shady area to photograph in.

I love to photograph vintage things and flowers.

I don't spend much on my props if at all possible. Usually I find things laying around the house or buy it from a second hand store.

This is a real bird's nest I found in my yard. The eggs inside were taken from an Easter headpiece I purchased from the dollar store. The book pages were torn out of a vintage book I bought at St. Vincent de Paul in Val Caron. Books there are on sale for 20 for a dollar.

Birds Nest.jpg web

The pink roses were also purchased from St. Vincent de Paul. I love the look of these photographs.

Pink Roses Bunch.jpg web Pink Roses (2).jpg web

I use many of these photos as greeting cards.

Pink Roses.jpg web

I photographed these pearls that I purchased second hand. I added some textures and special techniques in photoshop afterwards.

Pearls.jpg web

I cut out these butterflies from my vintage book collection. The flowers were from a centerpiece I have.

Paper Butterfly.jpg web

I created this photo from a collection of masks I have. I thought it made a neat photo. It reminds me of the Mardi Gras.

Mask.jpg web

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