Mining Week In Sudbury

I recently photographed Mining Week events hosted by Modern Mining and Technology Sudbury (MMTS)

It was a busy week for me.

Every year, the group organizes activities and workshops. Many of them held at Dynamic Earth.

This gives both adults and children an opportunity to learn about mining. After all we do live in a mining town.

It all begins with a Business Luncheon at Bryston's On The Park in Copper Cliff.

Business professionals get together and listen to experts talk about the mining industry.

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Prizes are drawn at the end of the event.

The Annual Wild and Scenic Teen Film Festival takes place at Dynamic Earth.

Teens participate in activities and watch short films.

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The MMTS Showcase was held at the New Sudbury Shopping Centre.

Booths were set up with various mining experts.

Pine trees were given to visitors and activities were available for children.

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Youth had fun dressing up in real miner's clothes.

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MineOpportunity Games were held at Dynamic Earth.

It's kind of like Monopoly but a mining version. Awards were handed out for winners later in the day.

Mine Oppotunities (17 of 72).jpg web

Mining experts were on hand and students had a chance to sit inside a Minecat which is used underground.

Mine Oppotunities (65 of 72).jpg web

Grade four teachers participated in PDAC Mining Matters workshops while their students enjoyed workshops at Dynamic Earth.

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Workshops were offered in both English and French.

MMTS gave away 200 tickets to Dynamic Earth for one day.

The Discovery Bus Tour was free for the public for two days. It's two hours long.

The bus was pretty full.

A couple of guides host the tour throughout the city.

MMTS Days Tour (14 of 75).jpg web

It was a beautiful day.

The bus stops at different locations in the city.

Guides talk about how the rocks were formed and about the mining industry.

MMTS Days Tour (48 of 75).jpg web

It's a great tour for people who are from out-of-town or for someone that doesn't know too much about Sudbury's geology.

MMTS Days Tour (54 of 75).jpg web

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