Pets are Part of the Family

Anyone who has ever owned a pet knows how much a part of the family they are.

When we lose a beloved pet, we lose a close member of our family. Some people even take time off from work to grieve their loss.

I had a Pigmy goat nearly 10 years. Louie was six months old when we got him. He had quite the personality. He was tied up to a dog house in our yard.

Louie was quite the character. When he was in his younger years he was full of spunk. If you got too close to him or tried to walk by him he would butt you.

We tied him up around the yard during the summer months. He cleaned up all the grass around the corners of the yard the lawn mower couldn’t get to. He loved banana peels, bread, pizza crust and peanut butter.

When my daughters would skip rope outside he would get excited and continuously butt the dog house.

There was a platform in the tree beside his house that he would lay down on during the day and watch the traffic go by.

Pets Are Part Of The Family 3

People in the neighbourhood knew Louie by name. Sometimes the kids on the school bus would yell out his name. Louie would stand up and wag his tail with excitement.

In the summer, the kids would pick cucumbers out of the garden and put them on Louie’s horns. One time they painted his horns green with non toxic paint. I’m surprised Louie let them get away with it.

Sadly, Louie was getting older and got sick. We had to put him down.

I miss him alot.

Although I have candid photos of Louie I don’t have a single one of Louie and I together. You don’t realize how important something like that is until it’s too late.

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We lost our beautiful cat Max at age four. He got outside by accident and was taken by a coyote.

We did get another cat and still have our Chihuahua.

Pets Are Part Of The Family 2

So don’t think about having your pet’s portrait taken when it’s too late. You just never know when it’s their time.


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