Photographing Women

When was the last time you had your photograph taken? Do you even remember?

The last time someone asked you to be in a photograph, did you have an excuse not to be in it?

The most popular excuses I have heard from women over the years are:

  • I’m not wearing make up
  • My hair looks awful
  • Wait until I lose weight
  • I don’t want to break your camera
  • I don’t take a good picture
  • I don’t like having my picture taken

Women B

Women C

Women D

I’ve taken photos of many people over the years when working as a photojournalist–many of them women.

I heard a lot of “Can you make me look thinner?”, “Can you hide my body?”, “Can you get rid of my double chin?”, “Can you photoshop my wrinkles?”

The truth of the matter is women are vain (yes that includes me). We want to look our best when it comes to being in a photograph. Let’s face it, we want to look beautiful.

  • Can I make you look thinner? Yes, through posing and proper clothing selection.
  • Can I hide your body? Yes, but I wouldn’t need to and I wouldn’t want you too. I plan on making you look your best by helping you select your wardrobe and using posing methods that are flattering to your body.
  • Can I get rid of your double chin? Yes, with posing and lighting techniques.
  • Can I photoshop your wrinkles? Yes, only if you want me too. I use special softening and retouching techniques to help minimize wrinkles.

Women E

As women, we are giving, loving and selfless. That is especially true of mothers. We wear many hats in our lives.

We are so busy taking care of our husbands and children, we forget about ourselves.

As a mother myself, I know what that feels like.

I look back into my photo albums and barely find photographs of myself. I am either taking the photo or I've made an excuse not to be in it.

Having your portrait taken is something we should do for ourselves.

It's an investment–whether you’re 18 or 98.

When you’re young, it’s nice to look back on your youth in photographs. When you’re in your golden years, it’s nice to have photographs of yourself for your children and grandchildren to remember you.

I challenge you to celebrate yourself as women--through photographs.

Yes, I am talking to you--every gorgeous, feminine, beautiful inch of you.


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