Sudbury Fibromyalgia Support Group Fundraiser

I want to tell you about a fundraising project I have been in involved with.

It supports the Fibromyalgia Support Group here in Sudbury.

Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is a chronic medical condition. It is characterized by widespread pain, tenderness, sleep disorders and profound fatigue.

The Support Group needs funds to provide guest speakers who educate the group on subjects associated with FMS. This includes pain management and nutrition. Classes on art and music therapy are given.

Supplies are needed for art and cooking projects.

Janet Lewis who is the coordinator of the group approached me several months ago about creating a fundraiser through my photography.

We ultimately decided on creating fine art greeting cards using her daughter Emilie who is 21. Emilie also has Fibromyalgia.

The symbol for Fibromyalgia is the purple butterfly. We decided to incorporate that into the photographs.

Emily Card 5x7 front.jpg blog

These photographs are a sneak peak of several that were chosen to be printed into cards.

I created butterfly wings using cardboard and paint. I added some sparkles to give it a little pizzaz.

Butterfly Wings.jpg web

Janet and I each made a headpiece and Emilie created some decor using some ribbon.

2.jpg web

I have an assortment of vintage dresses. We found a perfect fit with an old wedding dress I had picked up at a second hand store.

We added some butterflies.

Emily Card on one page.jpg blog


The top left photo is the front of the card. The top right is the back and the bottom photo is the inside of the card.

Support Group member Lily Bearclaw made a bunch of origami butterflies using post it notes. We were quite pleased with the results.

Kristen Marie did Emilie's hair and make up and did a beautiful job. The make up was applied very lightly as Emilie has very sensitive skin.

Hair 3.jpg web

Hair 1.jpg web

Laurna Lynn Mills who owns Brushes Art Studio in Capreol generously offered her space for the photo session.

Brushes 1 web

We spent several hours in the studio and created some very artsy photos.

I did a lot of the work in photoshop afterwards.

I used some of Janet's vintage butterfly jewelry to create some art.

Flower Book on one page.jpg blog

The 5x7 cards are created with a beautiful texture on the inside and back of the cards.

These are the first to be printed in a series of cards from this photo session. When most of these cards have sold, more will be ordered.

I'm looking forward to having more cards printed so keep an eye out. I will keep you posted.

Greeting cards are $5 each and can be purchased by phoning Janet Lewis at 705-525-5121 or 705-626-5121 (cell).

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