I have had the wonderful experience and pleasure of working with none other than Marg Seregelyi. Marg and I met when she asked if she could do a feature through the Northern Life community newspaper here in Sudbury in regards to my work as a medium as she was looking to highlight and feature people with unusual careers. I gladly accepted as I needed the exposure as I was just launching my full time business as a Medium.

Marg worked on the video presentation outlining my work in the community, and I was happy to see that it had been posted on their Website, lending more exposure to who I was. The rest is history! Marg has since done all the photo shoots for my business, and I believe that she was able to capture my essence through her creativity and expertise. Marg is very resourceful, and is not afraid to go the extra mile to get that perfect shot and simply delivers. She is unstoppable when it comes to her work.

I'm so happy to have had her as my photographer; my photo shoots for the last 3 years have been praised internationally, and have attracted the attention that I needed to work in the filming, radio and entertainment industries. I'm happy to recommend Marg to everyone who needs a creative professional for their personal or business ventures. You will not be disappointed!

Jay Lane