The Art of Fine Art

Art is something personal

How we decorate our homes reflects our personality.

There are many different forms of art. Traditional art is considered to be paintings, watercolours, sketches or clay models—anything that isn’t a photograph.

Today photography is a highly popular art form. You see it everywhere. It’s on the internet, stores, restaurants, offices and people’s homes.

Photographic art can be vintage photographs of movie stars from the silent film era to the seventies. Scenic and animal photos are among the most popular. Abstract photography or digitally manipulated photographs are a more modern form of photographic art.

I am no different than anyone else when it comes to taking nature photos.

I take my camera with me pretty much wherever I go. Sometimes I take a drive just to take photographs. I pull over when I see old barns, abandoned building or some pretty flowers. It’s a good way to spend a relaxing afternoon.

The Art Of Fine Art 3

When I go on vacation or camping, I enjoy going for a walk and discovering something new.

I am very drawn to old barns, antiques and flowers—especially sunflowers. I love to add a texture or a manipulation in Photoshop and create a vintage feel to them. I love things that look old. It’s just my thing.

The Art Of Fine Art 5

I love walking through cemeteries. I’m quite sure I’ve been through every one in Sudbury.

Whether it’s creepy or pretty, I love to photograph it.

I welcome you to browse through my photographs and pick something you like. I will create a beautiful piece of artwork any size you like to put up on your wall in your livingroom or bedroom.

The Art Of Fine Art 1

If you don’t see what you like, I may be able to create something for you.

You can find a selection of my fine art photographs on  Just send me an e-mail at and I will be more than happy to send you the link.

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