The Truth behind a Good Photo

So what’s the story behind a good photograph?


Is it just as simple as buying a decent camera and clicking away?

Why are there so many photographers anyway?

Why are some photographers so expensive?

The truth is­­­­ there is a lot more to it than just pressing the shutter. If you set your camera on auto, you might get lucky and have some decent exposures.

Thirty years ago I enrolled in a full time photography course at Sheridan College. I learned how to develop film, make prints in the darkroom, and use studio lights. We studied how the camera worked and how lighting creates mood. We learned about composition and studied other photographers’ work.

The Truth Behind A Good Photo 1

This is a photograph of me taken during a wedding in the 1980s. I used a twin lens reflex (large format camera).


We learned to use large format cameras. The negatives were large. You had to know how to load the film into the camera and understand film ASA.

With the digital age, there are more photographers than ever. It’s at an all time high.

To be a good photographer, you have to know lighting, posing and composition. You have to know how your camera works (this includes reading the manual). Your camera should be your best friend. You should know it inside and out. There should be no secrets. You should know all the intimate details. Next, you should know how to direct people and make them feel comfortable.

That’s just the photo shoot (did I mention the consultation before hand?). Now you have to upload them onto your computer, hardrive or storage you have to pay a monthly fee for and edit them. Now they have to be edited in Photoshop, Lightroom or whatever program you use. Most programs cost a monthly fee, you can’t purchase them like you used to.

I spend a quite a lot of time editing my photos. It takes time to remove blemishes, soften skin, special effects or add textures. I create a lot of my own textures. This also takes time.

The Truth Behind A Good Photo 2

It took me many hours learning editing techniques to enhance photographs. That will never end; it’s continuous as things evolve.

The Truth Behind A Good Photo 3

Ordering products like books and prints requires learning how to use each company’s software. This also takes time.

I like to keep updated with new techniques by watching and purchasing workshops.

The Truth Behind A Good Photo 4

Let’s face it, I want you to look good and I want you to hire me because I make you look your best. I also love what I do.

Sometimes people ask me if they can just buy the disk of photos. I want you to have something to show for it––a book, a print, a wall portrait. A disk is easily forgotten about, maybe lost in a drawer somewhere. Eventually the disk gets corrupted and the photos are lost. There are no guarantees.

I use only professional labs. I calibrate my monitor on a regular basis so that the colours match with the lab.

I have to update my website regularly, and market myself.

The cost of equipment––well, that’s another story.

I could go on. There is a lot of time and money invested in owning any business.

I hope this gives you at least some insight as to what happens behind the scenes. I can tell you more. Feel free to give me a call and I will be more than happy to chat with you about it.






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