Vintage Postcards Mini Photo Session

I'm offering something new in portraiture

It's called Vintage Postcards.

Maybe some of you collect antiques and may even have some as collectibles in your home.

I love old postcards. That's why I came up with the idea. I thought "wouldn't it be nice to create portraits that look like old postcards?" So I did.

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If you are looking for something different, this is perfect. You can be any age for these photo sessions however the recommended age for this upcoming event is between 3 and 12.

These photographs create a conversation piece when displayed in your home.

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You don't need anything fancy to dress for your photo session.

Young girls can wear their prom dresses or anything simple. Plain colours with a pastel tone works best. As long as there are no bold patterns it should work fine. Communion dresses or vintage dresses are great to use!

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Anyone that doesn't have anything is more than welcome to borrow some items I may have. I possess a small collection of vintage dresses, hats and pearls that can be added to your wardrobe.

I have an assortment of angel and fairy wings. I also have an assortment of flowers and head pieces.

Just ask me, you never know what I may have have in my tickle trunk.

Boys can wear a tux they may have worn for a wedding. This is a great way to get another use for it before they out grow their outfit.

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If they don't own a tux, plain pants, no socks, a white shirt with a vest or suspenders works great! Add a hat and you've created an outfit!

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I am holding a Vintage Postcard mini portrait session Saturday, March 21, 2015. I am partnering with Brushes Studio at 26 Meehan St. in Capreol for this event.

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You will receive 1-8x10 and 2-5x7 of the same pose for a great price of $79 no tax.

Spots are limited. Call to book your spot. $40 deposit required to reserve your session.

Hope to see you there!

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