Vintage Wardrobe

You can find vintage clothing almost anywhere.

My favorite places to shop are second hand stores. There are several in Sudbury.
Value Village is one of the most popular. The store is very well organized and things are easy to find.
Halloween is a good time to shop there because you can find flapper dresses and time period pieces. I usually go after Halloween is over and get stuff for half price.
The Jarrett Centre and the Salvation Army on Notre Dame Ave. are worth checking out. Both stores have a section for costumes. If you check frequently throughout the year, you can find vintage items.

Vintage Wardrobe 2Vintage Wardrobe 3
Also located on Notre Dame Ave., is Sunflower Consignment Boutique.
Owner Shirley Harasym only takes items in mint condition. She carries a beautiful assortment of vintage jewelry and clothing.
St. Vincent de Paul is one of the stores I frequent. It’s located in Val Caron. Many of their clothing items are only a dollar.

Vintage Wardrobe 4Vintage Wardrobe 5
During the summer months, garage sales are worth checking out, especially if it’s an estate sale for an elderly person.
For new items, Stage and Street and the Halloween Store have period costumes.
If you like to shop online, ebay or kijiji have a good selection. One of my favourite online stores is Blame Betty. They have a great selection of 1950s style clothing. I purchased some vintage hair and makeup books from there. Etsy is another good one. Many people create vintage looking clothes by up cycling used clothing.
If you’re crafty and like to sew, Pinterest has all kinds of DYI clothing projects. You can make your own dress or head piece for next to nothing.
I have a particular liking to the 1920s era.
My friend Kim who is the blond girl featured in this blog, has a whole room dedicated to vintage style clothes, jewelry and antiques. She shops at second hand stores and flea markets.
One of my best bargains is the black dress she is wearing in one of the photos. I paid a whole dollar for it. Who says you have to spend a fortune?

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