Winter Landscapes

Winter can be a beautiful time of year to take photographs.

Growing up with four seasons makes me appreciate each one.

My favourite time for taking photographs this time of year is just after a freshly fallen snow. It's just perfect when it's not too cold and sun is out. It's a beautiful sight. The snow covered trees against the bright blue sky is always perfect.

I love it when the sun peaks through the trees. It gives it an ethereal look.

Winter Scenes 8 web

You have to be camera ready when there's freshly fallen snow. It doesn't usually last very long. The snow falls off the branches very quickly.

When I see the fallen snow outside, I grab my camera and go for a drive around the neighbourhood. If I'm not able to drive anywhere (maybe my driveway needs shovelling), I take a walk outside and see what's around me.

You'd be surprised at what you might find just outside your doorstep.

I took this photo of the trees across the street from my house. I photo shopped out the fire hydrant. The trees have been cut down since this photo was taken.

Winter Scenes 3 web

Fallen snow on heritage buildings is very beautiful. Icicles hanging off the edges and smoke coming out of the chimney against a bright sky just makes it all perfect.

Winter Scenes 6 web

Bell Mansion, Sudbury

Farms are wonderful to photograph this time of year. The wood against the snow gives the photograph a rustic look.

Winter Scenes 2 web

Taking a trip to the lake or any body of water is worth while. The frozen lake is very picturesque. This one works well as a black and white photograph.

Winter Scenes 5 web

I was in a parking lot and found this maple leaf buried beneath the ice. I thought it looked so cool. The ice had these neat cracks in it.

Winter Scenes 4 web

Most of the time I have my camera with me because you just never know what might catch your eye.

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